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Tabasam Latif Chouhdary


Sustainable Fashion: Development of Printed Double-Faced Outerwear from recycled wool.

In this project, the double-faced fabric is made using traditional weaving textile machines and with a twill weave structure, contemporary design inspired by “modern architecture”, and recycled wool to give a distinctive appearance to the textiles. Recycled Wool yarns are utilized in both layers of the fabric to keep it environmentally friendly and sustainable. This fabric is produced using a twill weave structure because it is strong, provides high insulation, and drapes nicely. The discarded rags are imported from the US and Europe and are converted to fibers. Screen printing is used to create amazingly stunning and modern designs that enhance the technical fabric's looks. In addition to having the highest insulating qualities, the double-faced printed fabric is also very beneficial for customers' well-being because it provides a warm feel and improves their appearance as well. This project’s design journey continues from initial research to the final product. The design process is consisting of idea-generating, design process, and product development.