My work focuses on circular fashion featuring used clothing.

Undertaking intensive research revealed that consumer thinking and behaviour concerning the current over-consumption will have to shift to reduce the impact of the fashion ecosystem on the environment. Good care, repair, refurbishment and sharing among multiple users over time extends the lifecycle of textiles.

As an image-maker, I aim to attract the audience to unconventional but innovative combinations of used garments by applying acquired styling and photography skills. It detaches colours, patterns, and shapes from mass-market fashion trends, standards, and norms. This broadens the options for reuse and creates a value of eternal ­beauty for the consumer.

Ultimately, this will lead to a new holistic perspective and environmental awareness of used clothes, demonstrating my influential power as an image-maker on the fashion industry and society.

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My grandma has been born at a different time. In those days, fashion had another meaning than today. People chose longevity over passing trends. Consumers valued craftsmanship, putting this first and foremost. (Text part 1)

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Therefore it was not surprising that, as an artistic young woman who loved fashion, she decided to become a tailor. Today my grandma has many closets full of self-made costumes. (Text part 2)

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Every piece she created is timeless and made to last. From the first idea behind the silver paillette jacket to the subtle construction of the buttons on the sleeves, this garment has the great value of entering all beauty. My bother modelling this unique clothing piece, therefore, honours her heritage. (Text part 3)

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My dad and my cousin have a unique relationship. They were both born in a small village called Frielingsdorf in Germany. However, my dad moved away after graduating from school. My cousin still lives in this beautiful place surrounded by the greenest fields I have ever seen. (Text part 1)

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I can see in his eyes how he is reliving the days of his childhood whilst talking to her. My cousin is wearing my dad‘s scarf, which he got for Christmas when he was as young as she is now. It is symbolic of his past days. (Text part 2)