Lies, Corruption and Greed

Here are three images from my portfolio. The images contained within the portfolio mainly explore, as the title would suggest, themes of corruption and greed in our society. The three images I have selected to submit tell the story of two people who have been taught by our culture to dream and glorify money and power. I picked these three images in particular as they are visually my favorites from their sets. The overall point is to show that I believe that we are taught to worship wealth, power and materialism, however I don’t trust these things to be good for us. If you value these thing too highly then you just end up sacrificing the things that actually lead to happiness. Things like love and family.

Showcase Image

In the first image we see a girl in a dream like state wearing a suit. The suit is representing money and power. Showing that the girl is aspiring towards material wealth.

Showcase Image

In the second we see a young man in a similar position to the girl. It isn’t fully shown in this particular photo I chose from the set but he is wearing suit trousers and braces. Him only wearing half a suit shows that he is still in the early stages of his life and he hasn’t yet achieved his ambitions.

Showcase Image

The third photo I have selected shows the man a few years down the line having achieved “success”. In the full set of images he is depicted as sort of president or prime minister. His face is painted white to look like a puppet, showing that even though he has reached a position of “power” he is just a puppet being manipulated by greater forces.