Tragic Magic

My goal is to identify the cultural, political, and social changes that have played a role in the recent popularity of witchcraft and to identify the impact that witchcraft has had in return.

I will discuss the rise in holistic healing, declining mental health, the environmental crisis, the shift from religion to spirituality, and 90’s nostalgia as the reasons the practice has returned.

I will explore feminist activism and draw parallels between witches and modern women to understand why she has become an icon of empowerment and discuss witchcraft within the LGBTQIA+ community as well as addressing the negatives of Capitalism and cultural appropriation.

I will bring awareness to the fact that witch hunts are not a thing of the past in many areas around the world and what we need is a better understanding of this practice and the knowledge that it is not something to be feared.

Showcase Image

This shoot was to celebrate our history of goddess worship within Paganism as well as the current movement of goddess culture within third-wave feminism. I wanted this shoot to be strong and empowering and depict a woman in a celestial state to represent the divinely feminine in everyone.

Showcase Image

This image represents the men who practice witchcraft and/or identify as Wiccan or pagan. In a largely female space as I felt it was important to tackle toxic masculinity while discussing feminism and show that it is okay for men to explore alternative spiritualities.

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Modern women and witches have a shared history of abuse and so
I was inspired by surrealism and astrology for these space-like scenes to show how lonely many have felt and still do in these situations. The key between the chuckles in this image is a universal symbol of defense.

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A controversial but important topic right now is the church’s exclusion of LGBTQIA+ members and their misogynistic writings which lead to the beginning of the witch trials. This image shows both man and god pointing accusingly at the goddess Venus who is counting down the days until she is free.

Showcase Image

This image celebrates the women who were our first midwives, nurses,
mothers, and healers who were educated in herbal healing but were targeted by the church for their knowledge and condemned as witches. Even today women still struggle to be accepted in medical fields or be given education at all.