How consumers in the UK are responding to circular economy strategies- is circularity the way forward for retailers?

Our current global climate crisis has highlighted the major role that the fashion industry plays in this, from encouraging over consumption to wasteful production methods. The aim of this research is to explore the use of circularity to address this significant problem and investigate engagement from both businesses and consumers in circular strategies. Current literature on the topic was reviewed and then supported by quantitative and qualitative data. The extent to which consumers are engaging in circularity was analysed using a consumer questionnaire. This also captured their views about adopting circular models and highlighted any reservations that they had around circularity. In- depth expert and business interviews were conducted. As well as supporting some of the findings from consumers, these provided valuable insights on the current uptake of circularity strategies within business, interesting data for analysis on consumer engagement and the best strategies to adopt get both consumers and businesses working in a circular way. The research concluded with recommendations that could be adopted by retailers to engage their consumers more in circular strategies. It also highlighted other directions of research that could be pursued further.

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