Push + Pull - Adaptive Athleisure

Clothing plays a huge role in representing personality and expressing social status, and not having access to the right clothing acts as a barrier for engaging within society.

Despite changing attitudes towards inclusivity within the fashion industry, there is still little consideration given to the challenges faced by those with disabilities. In-depth research involving both, those who have disabilities and those who have experience working/caring for those with disabilities was carried out. Following this, the results were analysed and a guide for what adaptions should be made to clothing was produced based on these findings.

Following the guidance, an adaptive athleisure collection was designed, with inspiration taken from 1980’s activewear for SS22. Two of these outfits were produced, using recycled fibres, and upcycled materials including umbrellas and parachutes to minimise both the environmental impact and fabric waste involved with these garments.

Follow the YouTube link to view my final portfolio.

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To improve the fit of clothing for wheelchair users, clothing should be adapted. Following my primary research, these are the changes which should be made.

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Activewear from the 1980's was a major influence on the collection. The design process of the collection is shown here.

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Final line up of the Push + Pull collection.

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Sustainability was a key factor in this collection. One way it was incorporated was by using recycled nylon and upcycling items for fabric. Broken umbrellas and parachutes were used to create the joggers and windbreaker jacket - the diagram highlights how this was done.

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Images from the final photoshoot.