Baby Boomers Going Digital. Analysing How Retailers Can Engage These Consumers When Expanding Online Offerings.

E-commerce is constantly expanding, and due to covid-19 this growth has increased dramatically; with more services moving online to accommodate ever changing restrictions. In a time where stores are closing, and shopping is constantly becoming more digital, many businesses are turning their focus towards the younger generations and leaving older consumers disengaged, particularly the Baby Boomer generation.

The purpose of this study is to assess the value for businesses to engage the Baby Boomer consumer as they expand their online offerings, and offer suggestions of how, post-pandemic these consumers can be kept. The study will challenge generational theory as a method of grouping consumers.

Through a qualitative focus group and quantitative online questionnaire, research found current Baby Boomer values and then compared their shopping intentions to the Millennial generation. The study determined that Baby Boomer and Millennial shopping habits are not as different as is commonly perceived. It found that the main difference between the generation is Baby Boomers value more information to inform their decision making.

This study contributes to the limited body of research analysing how Baby Boomers are adapting to increased e-commerce, gives an insight into their decision making and shows how this differs from common perceptions and stereotypes.

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